Looking for Comic Relief? – A Review of Fluke

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 Looking for Comic Relief? – A Review of Fluke

I once read that a doctor actually prescribed Christopher Moore books to a patient who needed to lower their blood pressure and cholesterol. How awesome is that? I guess laughter really is the best medicine!

To those of you who haven’t experienced the joy and sometimes unending laughter or fits of giggles that come from listening to a Christopher Moore audio book, I suggest that it’s about time you did! I am a huge Christopher Moore fan and recently sat down to listen to Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings.

This is story about  whale researchers (or action nerds as they are lovingly described) who are trying to discover why the Humpback Whales sing. They have been living in Hawaii and documenting whale songs for years without any real leads on why the whales sing. After hundreds of hours of work, they finally hire a young, stoned fake-Hawaiian with dreadlocks who unexpectedly gives them their first real clue about what the whales are singing. Unfortunately for the action nerds, this is where the trouble starts. Their house is broken into, their ship is missing, and the head researcher is eaten by a whale.

Christopher Moore takes his listeners on a wild ride where any science that you don’t understand is simply, magic. I highly recommend that you start listening to this, or anything else by Christopher Moore, but be careful where you listen. Public transit riders may give you some strange looks when you’re sitting on the bus laughing to yourself.

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