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The Olympic torch is doing a final lap around London today, sweeping through the city igniting excitement before it makes its last stop at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics tomorrow. While we appreciate the Olympics for the sense of spirit it brings with each country rallying behind their athletes throughout the games, what we really admire are the stories behind the athletes and how they’ve risen to the world stage—not to mention the very top of their sport. A lot of blood, sweat and tears go into their dream of one day participating in the Olympic Games (which makes for some really great listening entertainment).

Below are some great memoirs, written by some pretty amazing athletes. Each of them will give you an inside look at their long journey. For example, there is a candid and uplifting memoir written by Olympic medalist Amanda Beard (We happen to be listening to this one and it’s amazing! Check back for the review next week), a revealing look into the secrets behind Michael Phelps remarkable success, along with many other truly inspiring stories! Check them out below:

In the Water They Can't See You Cry: A Memoir, Amanda Beard, Rebecca Paley     No Limits: The Will to Succeed, Michael Phelps     Zero Regrets: Be Greater Than Yesterday, Apolo Ohno     Jesse Owens: Fastest Man Alive, Carole Weatherford

And here are a few more books for the history buffs in the crowd:

History of the Olympics, John Goodbody     Rome 1960, David Maraniss     Striking Back: The 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre and Israel's Deadly Response, Aaron J. Klein

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One thought on “Medal-Worthy Audio Books

  1. Looking forward to listening to some of these audio books.

    I believe Michael Phelps is one medal away from career high.

    I’ll be cheering for the Ukraine train. 🙂