Catching Fire – An Audio Book Review

Title: Catching Fire
Author: Suzanne Collins
Narrator: Carolyn McCormick
Length: 11 hours, 39 minutes

If you read our Hunger Games audio book review then you already know that we’re mega fans of Suzanne Collins’ debut book in the YA trilogy—and surprise, surprise, now we’re mega fans of the second audio book, Catching Fire, too. Some listeners found that Catching Fire didn’t meet the level of the first or third books in the series, but for us, it definitely didn’t disappoint. It’s full of plot twists and new characters (and a closer look at some of our faves from Book #1). And it’s all topped off with one of the worst (or best?!) cliffhangers we’ve ever encountered.

(Spoiler alert – if you are one of the few people left in the world who hasn’t listened to The Hunger Games audio book, turn back now!)

The eternal optimists of the world may have thought Katniss would return home and nicely settle into her new mansion in District 12 with only a few boy troubles to worry about–but us realists knew that President Snow wouldn’t let Katniss off the hook that easy.

Whipping out those poisonous berries at the end of the last Games saved both her own and Peeta’s life, but she defied the system and the Capitol, which in turn inspired others to follow suit and rebel—and let’s just say President Snow is not too happy about all of this. So instead of enjoying fame and fortune (and a lot of free food), the President changes the rules and Katniss, along with all of the remaining Victors, are forced back into the arena for the 75th anniversary of the Games called the Quarter Quell (Hunger Games: All Stars!).

Carolyn McCormick went back into the studio to narrate the Catching Fire audio book and she does a spectacular job telling us the story. She delivers the first-person narrative of Katniss perfectly and you can sense the tension as her pace picks up throughout the intense sections of the book (which pretty much feels like the entire book).

Catching Fire is a portrait of a desperate government doing everything in their power to hold off a revolution. The Capitol’s biggest fears are realized and they can see their once-total control over the Districts begin to unravel. Katniss has become the face of a Panem rebellion—she is The Mockingjay—a symbol of freedom that inspires the Districts to finally stand up and make a change.

We’ve already hit play on the third and final book in this completely addictive series, Mockingjay, so check back for our review soon! Or if you can’t wait, find out what others are saying about the audio book by checking out reviews for Mockingjay (or any other book on your must-listen list) on other audio book web sites, like The Audiobook Store.

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