My Mother Was Nuts – An Audio Book Review

My Mother Was Nuts, Penny MarshallTitle: My Mother Was Nuts: A Memoir
Author: Penny Marshall
Narrator: Penny Marshall
Length: 8 hours 32 minutes

We’ve been a little, let’s say ‘dark’ in our last few posts—lots of creepy murders, mysteries, ghosts…ya, we think it’s time for some fun!

Most famous for being the tough-talking tomboy on Laverne and Shirley, Penny Marshall shares a lot of laughs, her loves and some crazy stories in her tell-all memoir, My Mother Was Nuts, proving that her life off-camera has been just as wild as what we’ve seen on the screen. Warning for the parents out there: the ‘f-word’ makes an appearance in this audio book…several times.

In her memoir, Penny drops enough names and reveals enough personal stories to keep you listening for hours. She doesn’t hold anything back, talking about Calvin Klein tearing up the dance floor at high school parties, dropping acid with Princess Leia, hanging out with John Belushi, and riding on Dennis Rodman’s motorcycle after the famous Chicago Bulls three-peat. Who knew Laverne was so cool?

Penny Marshall reads her own memoir and as you listen, you feel like you’re sitting and gossiping with an old friend. She’s honest, unapologetic and above all, hilarious. At times, it’s also a very intimate listen as she chronicles her struggles including her battle with drugs, a shotgun wedding at 19, her cancer diagnosis, and her mother’s passing. When Penny speaks of her mother, her voice cracks and you feel her emotion. Her narration is very genuine.

Penny bares it all in this interesting and funny look back at her whirlwind life. If there is one thing that she wants you to take from her book, it is to live by these four simple rules: “try hard, help your friends, don’t get too crazy, and have fun.”

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