Have your cake – and listen, too! Why I love multitasking with audiobooks

This is for all the busy bookworms out there whose reading lists are growing intimidating. You have a job. You have events. You need to eat, and work out, and do chores. Books may understandably fall down the list of priorities. But, your reading list doesn’t need its own time slot.

Cue audiobooks. Ever since I started my audiction (heh), my reading rate has soared, and with it my productivity. I am delighted to do hours of meal prep, engage in a full session of mopping or juggle multiple loads of laundry, because all the while I’m immersed in a story. I used to do chores with a show on in the background, but there is a relief in having entertainment that doesn’t involve my eyes. I don’t need to glance at the show to keep up with the audio, so my eyes can stay focused on the sharp knife moving dangerously near my fingers. Sound is all you need to absorb the information.

The multitasking perk is of course not limited to chores. It applies to any task that sucks away joy – think long, traffic-ridden drives, or getting ready in the morning. I hit play on my latest listen to wake me up and it keeps me captivated until I get to work. It also applies to tasks that do not suck away joy, like showering or eating alone. On my nerdiest days I’ve even been known to listen and knit. Audiobooks turn all solo activities up a notch. If you haven’t yet used audiobooks to multitask, I highly recommend it.

Do you multitask with audiobooks? When is your ideal time to listen?  Share your listening tips!

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