10 Ways to Listen to Audiobooks This Summer

Whether your calendar is already filled up for the summer months with beach days, backyard BBQs, weddings, or carving out time to relax, we’ve got 10 great audiobooks to help you make the most of summer.

Tell us in the comments how you’re spending your summer and what you’ll be listening to!


At the beach

The High Tide Club by Mary Kay Andrews, narrated by Kathleen McInerney

High Tide Club.

The queen of beach reads is back with a delicious audiobook about an eccentric heiress, a young lawyer, and a group of former friend who reunite in a southern beach town. Brewing friendships, murder, love, secrets, and stunning scenery together, this juicy summer listen doesn’t disappoint.
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On a roadtrip

Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman, narrated by Catherine Steadman

Something in the Water.

If you could make one simple choice that would change your life forever, would you? Erin is a documentary filmmaker on the brink of a professional breakthrough, Mark a handsome investment banked with big plans. Passionately in love, they embark on a dream honeymoon in Bora Bora, where they enjoy the sun, the sand, and each other. Then, while scuba diving, they find something in the water.
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Dinner: A Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach, narrated by Dara Rosenberg

Dinner: A Love Story.

Jenny Rosenstrach and her husband regularly cook dinner for their family every night. Even when they work long days. Even when their kids’ schedules pull them in 18 different directions. With simple strategies and common sense, Jenny figured out how to break down dinner — the food, the timing, the anxiety, from prep to cleanup so that her family could enjoy good food, time to unwind, and simply be together.
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Walking your dog

My Patients and Other Animals by Suzy Fincham-Gray, narrated by Rebecca Harper

My Patients and Other Animals.

The pursuit of a childhood dream has taken Suzy Fincham-Gray on a journey in veterinary medicine, with thousands of rewarding and emotionally challenging stories collected along the way. Like many physicians, Fincham-Gray tends to see her patients at often life-or-death moments. Her stories expand into deeper explorations of our complex, profound relationships with the animals in our lives.
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Honey Farm Dreaming by Anna Featherstone, narrated by Rebecca Harper

Honey Farm Dreaming.

Funning, moving, and engrossing, you’ll be transported to a world where one family tries to keep it all together as they juggle a farmyard full of animals, thousands of tourists in the garden, backpackers, millions of bees, and their commitment to the environment and each other. Discover more about the ‘simple life’ and enjoy a good laugh from this well-reviewed memoir.
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The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger, narrated by Richard M. Davidson

The Perfect Storm.

Man’s struggle against the sea is a theme that has created some of the world’s most exciting stories. Now, in the tradition of Moby Dick, is a New York Times best-seller destined to become a modern classic. Written by journalist Sebastian Junger, The Perfect Storm combines an intimate portrait of a small fishing crew with fascinating scientific data about boats and weather systems.
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Berry picking

Dead and Berried by Karen MacInerney, narrated by Rebecca Mitchell

Dead and Berried.Developers have returned to Cranberry Island, and this time, they’re planning to wipe out a natural cranberry bog, along with the island’s namesake berries, to build a luxury subdivision. Natalie Barnes isn’t sweet on the idea of commercial interests souring their cozy oasis, but the innkeeper has other problems on her plate. Worst of all, there’s a killer on the loose, picking off people like ripe fruit.
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Star gazing

Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth by Adam Frank, narrated by Kevin Pariseau

Light of The Stars.

Light of the Stars is science at the grandest of scales tells a radically new story about what we are: one world in a universe awash in planets. Astrophysicist Adam Frank shows that not only is it likely that alien civilizations have existed many times before, but also that many have driver their own worlds into dangerous eras of change.
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Getting ready for a wedding

By Invitation Only by Dorothea Benton Frank, narrated by Susan Bennett, Sarah Naughton, and Courtney Patterson

By Invitation Only.

By Invitation Only follows two families and their only children who are recently engaged: Shelby, a privileged daughter from Chicago, and Fred, the son of hard-working peach farmers. Shelby’s parents care most about her happiness but cannot help but worry about what their social circle will think, while Fred’s mother worries that her son will soon be lost to her forever.
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Lazing in a hammock

In Praise of Wasting Time by Alan Lightman, narrated by Alan Lightman

In Praise of Wasting Time.

In this timely and essential book that offers a fresh take on the qualms of modern day life, Professor Alan Lightman investigates the creativity born from allowing our minds to roam freely, without attempting to accomplish anything and without any assigned tasks. Break free from the idea that we must not waste a single second, and discover how sometimes, the best thing to do is to do nothing at all.
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