Top 5 Winter Activities to Listen to Audiobooks

Winter is here in full force and doesn’t want us to forget. Need the best way to fend off the winter blues? Embrace the outdoors with winter activities! Below are our favorite winter activities that help us tolerate the cold (and still let us fit our audiobooks in).


Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is one of the oldest winter sports. It originated in Northern Europe as a method to travel long distances across snow covered ground. Now, the sport has gained popularity across the world and is a staple at the Winter Olympic Games. The individual nature of the sport makes it a perfect pairing for an audiobook!



Snow Shoeing

Snow shoeing is becoming an increasingly popular sport because it is suitable for all skill levels. Whether you are walking leisurely or racing through the woods, snow shoeing makes for an excellent opportunity to listen to a book. Next time you get a fresh dusting of powder, strap on your snow shoes and plug in your headphones!



Hot Tubbing

Not feeling quite as adventurous? That’s okay, we’ve still got you covered. Relax by soaking in an outdoor hot tub. The contrast between the frigid air and the stifling hot water is bound to have you leaping back into your house.Β  But before you do, take some time to unwind with an audiobook in the tub!




Ice Fishing

How do you ice fish? Do you set up an ice shanty or do you brave the cold and sit outdoors? Whatever your method, bring an audiobook to pass the time between catches!






Skating is possibly the most popular winter activity of all time. It’s practiced recreationally by figure skaters and hockey players alike. Not only can you workout your body, but you can also exercise your brain. Next time you lace up, don’t forget to set up your next listen!