FICTION FRIDAY: The Best Kind of Fiction

Title: The Best Kind of People
Author: Zoe Whittall
Narrator: Cassandra Campbell

On the surface, the Woodbury’s are the quintessential American family.

George, an award-winning teacher, once saved their small town elementary school from a gunman seeking revenge.  His doting wife, Joan, and overachieving daughter, Sadie, are well known and liked in their community. Their circle of friends is vast, but soon, a shocking accusation against George shakes the town and the once tightknit family to its core.

Throughout the novel, both Joan and Sadie grapple with the fact that George may be guilty of unthinkable crimes against those who trusted him, and ask a series of questions throughout the novel not reserved for fiction. Do you truly know your own family? Who can you trust? And, perhaps most timely of all, is it possible to love someone who has done terrible things?

Overflowing with shocking twists and turns intensified by narrator Cassandra Campbell, The Best Kind of People is the kind of book that left me lying to myself by saying, “Just one more chapter before bed” until the very last word. Despite being fiction, The Best Kind of People is relevant to the #MeToo era that so heavily relies on the bravery of women who share their stories.

The Best Kind Of People.

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