Three Great Business Books to Change the Way You Work

Life is this game of inches; everyone is scraping by, doing all they can to get that extra inch.  Get rich quick schemes have been conning people for ages, whether it be selling bridges or miracle drugs.  What makes these scams so efficient is people’s desire to find the easy way out, the easy way to make a quick buck and not have to work for it.   Truth is, money takes work to make.  Money takes time to make.  Money is awarded to those who earn it, for the most part.  While the following three audio books may not be as good as a winning lottery ticket, they will arm you with the tools and mentality you need to make the money you want.

The ever popular 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss is a great place to start as it is written by a self-made millionaire who now teaches an insanely popular course at Princeton University.  This book has highlighted the underlying social illusions that many people believe which keep them from being able to exploit the opportunities around them to the fullest.  It is not a simple audio book about investment strategies, or finding a “dream job”. It is about saving time.  Making as much money as you can in as little time as possible is what this audio book is about.  Who doesn’t want to work less and earn more?

The title that makes second on this list is one that may not make perfect sense to you at first but Quiet Influence by Jennifer Kahnweiler is definitely something worth leveraging.  Everyone can tell why the loud, exciting, popular person in the office is successful but often those who are quiet can get overlooked.  Does this mean they are not equally as successful?  Some of the most successful people ever are quite introverted, e.g., Bill Gates.  This audio book explores the nuisances of what makes introverts successful in the work place.  Applying these tactics can help make anyone more well-rounded and take their success to new heights.

Finally, Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger completes this list for me.  What helps this audio book make the list, beyond the great narration which really makes this an easy listen, is the out of the box thinking.  It gives plenty of real life case study examples of why some of the things you see every day are so mainstream.  From iPhones to blenders, the audio book simplifies the thinking behind what actually causes things to grow with viral popularity.  A surefire win if you are looking for a little creativity.

Set yourself apart. Pick up these great audio books and change the way you make money forever!

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