Featured Audiobook Review of the Week: “Effortless” by S. C. Stephens

For this week’s featured review, we chose Lois’ review of Effortless by S. C. Stephens. Here’s what Lois had to say:

Effortless audio book by S. C. Stephens

“Boy, this author is insightful to the problems of starting a relationship without trust after an affair. I absolutely love this series and all the characters are so well written you feel like you know each one of them. It also gives you a glimpse into the world that rock stars live in which, with all the temptation, must be extremely hard on relationships with the real loves in their lives. Griffen is a nice addition for the “worst rocker” with no morals and comic relief. I had to laugh at his horrible behavior and truly wondered what Kiera’s sister saw in him. I also felt sympathy for her parents as it must be so hard having both daughters wanting rock stars when all you want for them is a solid respectable life. I’m on to the last book in this series and can’t wait to see how it ends for all of them. The narrator is also great!”

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