Featured Audiobook Review of the Week: Let Go by Pat Flynn

For this week’s featured user review, we chose Sara’s review ofΒ Let Go by Pat Flynn. Here’s what Sara had to say about it:

Let Go by Pat Flynn

“So, I love Pat… so I came to the book a little biased.
But part of what I love about Pat is that he’s just a real dude. He expresses everything about his journey, failures and all. And now that he’s kind of a big shot and has a lot of this passive income stuff sorted out, it’s easy to feel like he’s some kind of mythical being with super powers. Listening to this detailed story about his journey really helped me identify with him even more, realizing that I can Let Go just like he did.
My only criticism of the book is that now I really want to see it in the original multimedia format because I think the video would bring it to a new level. But even listening to it was awesome.” — Sara

Thanks for writing a great review, Sara!Β Let GoΒ just so happens to be an awesome and completely free audio book, if you’d like to check it out for yourself, click here.Β No membership required!

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One thought on “Featured Audiobook Review of the Week: Let Go by Pat Flynn

  1. Sara, thank you SO MUCH for the amazing review, I appreciate you so much! Cheers, and all the best to you!