Enhance Your March Break With Audiobooks

When I was a kid and March Break rolled around, everyone else in my class was going away somewhere exotic or even just on week-long road trips. Since my mom was always on the hunt for a good deal, she would never book our trips during these busy vacationing times, so the majority of my March Breaks were trying to find something to fill my time while my peers were exploring the world.

Enter books, my saviors and boredom defeaters. Instead of enduring my little brother kicking the back of my seat during a road trip, I got to explore Panem thanks to Katniss, feel the second-hand embarrassment of Georgia Nicolson, and learn about the dangers of drug use from the Crank series. And all of this was happening from the comfort of my living room couch.

People always say that traveling and seeing the world really changes you, and I agree, but there’s something about being able to listen (or read) a new book and have your perspective changed. With every book I read as a kid, there was always a feeling of self-reflection, and I believe that every book, no matter how deep and moving it was, contributed to who I am as a person today.

As I mentioned before, yes, I did tear through the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series. The title of the first book is Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging, which I’m sure my mom loved. From the outside, this series might’ve just seemed like a silly book for teens, but it kind of was like my own teenage version of Bridget Jones. I related to the characters and they were going through a lot of the same things I was at the time.

So, if you or your kids are entering March Break and are looking for ways to stay entertained during your staycation, just pick up a book and escape for a while. You never know how it may change you.

Did you binge-read on March Break too?

Which books do you remember reading as a kid?

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