Fresh Out of Hawkins – Listens For Fans of Stranger Things

Not to be dramatic, but it’s LITERALLY impossible not to binge-watch the entire season of Stranger Things the moment it comes out. Season three was no exception! We get to revisit our favorite characters (lookin’ at you, Steve!) and also meet some new faces this time around.

If you’re like me (and pretty much everyone else with a Netflix subscription) and have shamelessly binge-watched all of season three already and are in need of something to fill the Eggo-less void, then these listens are for you! Click here to see our full ‘For Fans of Stranger Things‘ book list. *Stranger Things intro music plays somewhere in the background.*

Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero, narrated by Kyla Garcia

Meddling Kids starts out with a group of kids who call themselves the Blyton Summer Detective Club. After they solve their final case, grow up, and grow apart they are brought back together by the lingering mystery that surrounds that very same case. Reminiscent of Stranger Things, Meddling Kids features countless pop culture nods and a Lovecraftian, tentacled, inter-dimensional being.

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Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand, narrated by Lauren Ezzo

In Sawkill Girls, three teenage girls go up against an insidious monster that preys upon young women. Sounds like another group of badass women we’ve all come to know and love – Eleven, Max, Nancy, and Joyce. And let’s not forget the new additions to the gang, Robin and Erica.

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Demon King by Erik Henry Vick, narrated by Stephen Bel Davies

What is it about a group of children facing off with a Big Bad that hooks you in so easily? Demon King is right along those lines as it follows a few children – the only ones to have come face to face with the ancient evils that plague their town and lived to tell the tale. When these evils resurface for the second time they have to work to destroy them before they are destroyed themselves.

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It by Stephen King, narrated by Steven Weber

It is one of Stephen King’s many classics and The Duffer Brothers, creators of Stranger Things, have acknowledged that they drew some inspiration from King’s novel. The similarities between the two monsters are the most obvious as they are both creatures from a different dimension who have set their sights on a group of children. Ironically, Finn Wolfhard who plays Mike in Stranger Things was later cast as Richie in the 2017 remake of It.

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My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix, narrated by Emily Woo Zeller

The Duffer Brothers have often said that the music in Stranger Things is its own character and in a recent interview, Dacre Montgomery (Billy) called the music the heartbeat of the show. My Best Friend’s Exorcism plays into this as well with tons of 80s pop music references thrown amid the drama of two high-school best friends battling off the devil.

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