Maximizing your audiobook experience

“WOW I’m so glad I know about these great features!” – You, after reading this article.

Sometimes our customers ask for tips on the best ways to enjoy Sometimes we even get requests for features we already have. So here’s a feature overview that covers what our player is capable of, including some “hidden” gems you may have missed!

The Basics: 

You probably know all about this, but as I’m here I might as well be thorough.

Nav bar:
This displays your progress in the audiobook – how much time has elapsed and how much time remains. You can scrub through the audio using the orange bar, but know that your last point is what is remembered – not you furthest point in the book.

Track navigation:
Here you can skip between audio tracks. While tracks don’t correlate to chapters in the book, they’re still a handy way to navigate around. Hit the black oval to view all tracks and skip to a different section of the book.

Play/pause, skip forward or reverse:
This is your typical play/pause button with navigation arrows to go forward or backwards in the audio. In this image, you move 30 seconds forwards or backwards, but the number of seconds can be adjusted in the settings.

Fine Tuning:

The bottom of our player has four icons, each of which is a very helpful listening tool!

1x (or 1.25x or 1.5x or 1.75x or 2x):
This is where you can adjust playback speed. If you’re the type of listener that uses audiobooks to maximize your day, the narrator may not be relaying information fast enough for you. Tap this icon to change the narration speed and get through your book in record time.

Sleep Timer:
Hit the moon to open our sleep timer. Before settling in for the night, select an amount of time you’d like the audiobook to continue playing. After that time has elapsed, your audiobook will pause and you can nod off without worrying that your book is going to play all night while you snore too loudly to notice.

Ratings ⭐:
Do you love the book? Selecting this star icon will bring you straight to the review page where you can share all your thoughts with the rest of the community.

Bookmarks and Notes:
If there’s a section of the book you’d like to recall or make note of, hit the orange flag icon. You can leave your thoughts about the time you’re on, which gets saved to My Notes. You can navigate to the My Notes section from the main menu.

“Hidden” Gems:

Here are some lesser-known features of our app:

Skip Time:
In the Settings menu, there is a section of “Playback Settings.” Here, you can adjust how much you’d like to skip forward and backwards in your audiobook when you hit the arrows on the player screen.

Playback Gestures:
There is also the option to toggle “Playback Gestures” on or off. These playback gestures refer to using the cover of the audiobook as the control. You can tap the cover or swipe it left and right to pause/play and navigate through the book. These are SUPER useful in the car, so you don’t really have to look at the screen!

And that’s that! A rundown of all the player features that can bring your audiobook experience from good to magnificent. Happy listening!