Get More For Less with A La Carte Purchasing

Ever wanted to listen to a book but were out of credits, or weren’t sure of the value of spending your credit on that book? Enter a la carte, where getting more for less has never been easier.

With a la carte purchasing, you can buy titles outside of our credit system and still get access to deep discounts. The process for buying titles is different than redeeming a credit for a title, so here’s a step by step walk-through of how it works. 

1. Log in with your account credentials on – note that a la carte purchasing is available only on our website, not on the app.

2. Browse books and find the title(s) you’re interested in.

3. From the book details page, click “Add to Cart” and then “Continue to Browse” if you want to keep shopping or “View Cart” if you think you’re ready to check out.

4. When you’re ready to select “View Cart,” you will see your Shopping Cart with the items you’ve selected.

5. Choose which book (if any) you want to use a credit on, or save your credits and pay cash.

6. When you’re ready to check out, select “Begin Secure Checkout” at the bottom of the Summary box, and proceed to “Complete Purchase.” Your purchases will be charged to the billing details we have on file, or you can enter new credit card information.

7. Now you can visit the My Books section of the app, where your new books will be waiting for you!

We recommend scrolling through your Wish List and checking out the price of those listens. There are lots of savings to be had, especially on shorter length content and kids titles.

Click here to start shopping!

Need help with your first a la carte purchase?

Call 1-855-876-6195 from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. EST and Saturday to Sunday, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. EST.

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