Book Clubbin’: 8 Discussion Questions for ‘The Paris Apartment’ by Lucy Foley

Our Book Clubbin’ blog feature is back and this time we’re getting immersed in a highly anticipated listen from the bestselling author of The Hunting Party and The Guest List. We’re chatting about The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley.

In this latest listen from Foley, we follow Jess as she leaves her job and travels to Paris where she plans to stay with her brother, Ben, while she figures out what’s next. When she arrives, Ben is nowhere to be found. She begins looking into his disappearance and as she uncovers more about her brother, the apartment he lives in, and its residents she is sent on a frenzied path to discovery of the truth.

The Paris Apartment is a dark and twisty mystery/thriller listen that will keep you guessing until the very end. If you and your book club are getting lost in The Paris Apartment this month, then keep keep reading for our discussion questions below. Beware— SPOILERS ahead.


1) Did you feel like you were racing to the end of this listen or was it more of a slow burn?

2) Discuss the importance of wealth throughout this story. How does Jess compare to the other residents of the apartment building?

3) Did you notice any other prevalent themes throughout this listen?

4) Even though this listen is set in the bustling city of Paris, the apartment still feels very isolated. How do you think that contributes to the story?

5) Would you have preferred to have the story told solely told from Jess’ perspective?

6) Which character/neighbor were you most suspicious of before the final twist was revealed?

7) How do you think Jess and Ben’s relationship changed after this experience? What about the other characters?

8) If you’ve read The Guest List or The Hunting Party by Foley, how do you think The Paris Apartment differs from those listens?

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