Cozy Holiday Romance Audiobooks for Hallmark Fans

With the holidays comes a trove of new magical Christmas romance movies and even though I, personally, primarily watch horror flicks all year round, even I can’t help but indulge in a couple cozy flicks during the holidays.

If you decided to hop on the Christmas train a little earlier than usual to add a little cheer to a tumultuous year, and have already torn through all the Hallmark and Netflix Christmas movies and you’re still wanting more, we’ve got you!

Check out the audiobooks below for ooey gooey holiday rom-coms that are sure to keep you warm this season. And click here to view our full list of cozy holiday romance listens to really fill up your to-be-listened-to list.

Jingle All the Way by Debbie Macomber, narrated by Thérèse Plummer

Starting out with a bang from the queen of Christmas stories, Debbie Macomber’s Jingle All the Way follows Everly Lancaster who is all work and no play. When her boss insists that she take December off and her vengeful assistant books Everly for a Wifi-free rain forest cruise instead of the beach escape she expected she’s not convinced this vacation will be such a great idea. Everly then meets the naturalist, Asher, who is guiding her along her trip and they grow closer each day, but as the cruise ends will they both be able to take the leap of faith?

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In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren, narrated by Patti Murin

If you’re on the lookout for a listen that’s a little different than the classic holiday rom-coms, In a Holidaze is the perfect choice. In this festive audiobook from Christina Lauren we meet Maelyn Jones who is in a bit of rut. She lives at home with her parents, hates her job, and doesn’t have much in the way of romantic prospects. When she goes with her family to their family friends’ cabin in Utah she makes a big mistake and as she’s melting down in the car ride to the airport her and her family are in an accident. When she wakes up, however, she’s on a plane on her way to Utah for the same holiday she just remembered leaving.

Filled with lots of hijinks and the ooey gooey tender moments you’d expect from a holiday rom-com, this listen will check all your boxes this season.

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Together by Christmas by Karen Swan, narrated by Anna Rust

A few years after Lee moves to Amsterdam and her life has begun to get on track she finds a book in her bike basket with a message written inside it. She tracks down the owner, Sam, and within an instant they realize they have an undeniable connection. Will Lee’s past put her future in jeopardy? Christmas is a time for being together, but what if the truth means she ends up alone?

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Mind the Gap, Dash & Lily by David LevithanRachel Cohn, narrated by Tara SandsRyan Gesell

Just in time for the series release of Dash & Lily on Netflix comes a new helping of love, but this time across the pond. In this third book in this festive series, Dash gets accepted to Oxford University while Lily stays in New York. When Dash says he won’t be coming home for Christmas, Lily decides she’ll just have to make the trip to London to be with him, but things start to spin out of control. Will London bring them together again — or will it be their undoing?

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A Warm Heart in Winter: A Caldwell Christmas by J. R. Ward, narrated by Jim Frangione

How about something a little steamy to keep you warm over the holidays? J.R. Ward’s A Warm Heart in Winter is here to do just that, featuring some of her most iconic Black Dagger Brothers. Everyone’s favorites, Blay and Qhuinn are back and are looking forward to their mating ceremony, but tragedy strikes right before the happy event. Will a warm heart in winter ensure that true love is not lost?

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The Country Village Christmas Show by Cathy Lake. narrated by Julie Teal

Clare is recently divorced, the family home is sold, and her son is all grown-up, so she decides to move back in with her mom in Little Bramble where she grew up. After dedicating her whole life to her family, she’s looking for something for herself for once and when she finds herself running the village Christmas show, it feels like she has a purpose again. This listen will deliver all the cozy little village and festive vibes, perfect for getting into the holiday spirit.

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A California Christmas by Brenda Novak, narrated by Veronica Worthington

Up-and-coming TV anchor, Emery Bliss, is horrified when her ex revenge-posts their sex tape online. To make matters worse, she loses her job because of it. She seeks solace and anonymity in Silver Springs until she’s thrown back into contact with Dallas Turner. Dallas is home for the holiday’s for his adoptive mother’s wedding, but due to his past, he would rather spend his holidays on his own. Emery eventually pulls Dallas out of his shell and sparks begin to fly. Pick up this audiobook, curl up on the couch, and get ready to get swept away to Silver Springs.

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A Princess for Christmas by Jenny Holiday, narrated by Charlotte North

We could all use a little magic this year, and that’s exactly what A Princess for Christmas brings as it tells a modern fairy tale about a tough New Yorker from the other side of the tracks who falls for the princess from the other side of the world.

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Staff Pick: The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones

Title: The Only Good Indians
Author: Stephen Graham Jones
Narrator: Shaun Taylor-Corbett

As a big fan of all things horror, I’m always on the hunt for an audiobook with a new and interesting story. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good haunted house tale as much as anyone, but sometimes I just need something fresh and exciting, something different.

When I read the description of The Only Good Indians it described the author as “the Jordan Peele of horror literature,” and I was immediately sold. After watching Get Out and Us too many times, I was itching for more, so this new listen from Stephen Graham Jones couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Only Good Indians starts off by following Lewis, a 30-year-old Blackfeet living with his wife, Petra. We get to see the ins and outs of his life while also hearing his inner monologue, which pulls you right into the story. While inside Lewis’ head, we also get glimpses of a past elk hunting trip where something not quite right transpired, as he is currently being haunted by one of the elk that he killed.

As the story builds, the suspense is next-level and I was dying to reach the moment of clarity where we can truly know what the truth is. And the wait was well worth it, trust me.

This audiobook wouldn’t have been the same without the narration from Shaun Taylor-Corbett. His voice is so easy to listen to and convincing, it really feels like you’re inside Lewis’ mind. And having previously provided narration for There There by Tommy Orange, a huge hit in 2018, it’s a given that Taylor-Corbett can convey a story.

This is not your typical horror audiobook, so if you’re on the hunt for something that will keep you immersed, keep you guessing, and keep you on the edge of your seat, then you should definitely line up The Only Good Indians as your next listen.

Publisher Summary:

A tale of revenge, cultural identity, and the cost of breaking from tradition in this latest novel from the Jordan Peele of horror literature, Stephen Graham Jones.

Seamlessly blending classic horror and a dramatic narrative with sharp social commentary, The Only Good Indians follows four American Indian men after a disturbing event from their youth puts them in a desperate struggle for their lives. Tracked by an entity bent on revenge, these childhood friends are helpless as the culture and traditions they left behind catch up to them in a violent, vengeful way.

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Have you ever uncovered a secret about your family that changed the way you look at both your life and your family in general? This happened to Dani Shapiro, author of the bestselling memoirs Hourglass, Slow Motion, Devotion, and her latest, Inheritance.

We were lucky enough to interview Shapiro and pick her brain on the topics of audiobooks, memoirs, and her podcast Family Secrets. How do you prepare before narrating your own memoirs? 

Dani Shapiro: I try to put myself all the way into the book so I can be living, breathing, the book during the hours I’m narrating. It’s such an intimate experience to narrate my own memoirs, and I want to impart that same sense of immediacy and intimacy to the reader. What do readers gain from listening to Inheritance or your other memoirs that they might miss out on by reading the print versions?

Dani Shapiro: That intimacy I’m talking about – I think that’s very particular to great audiobooks. After all, we listen alone – often with ear buds in place, or alone in a car. We’re receiving the voice of the narrator in an unmediated way. What emotion is being conveyed through the voice? We talk a lot about “voice” when it comes to literature, but when we’re talking about an audiobook, we’re literally talking about a voice and all it can contain. How has uncovering the truth about your paternity shaped how you tell your own story?

Dani Shapiro: Oh, my goodness. How has it not? One of the most interesting aspects of uncovering the truth about my paternity is how, in a way, it was always hiding in plain sight in my creative process. My themes, as a novelist, always revolved around family secrets. As I write in Inheritance, I always knew there was a secret. What I didn’t know: the secret was me. And so I’ve always, always supplied narratives to my own story in an attempt to piece it together, to understand. But it wasn’t until I discovered that something as fundamental as my identity has been kept from me that I was able to hold it all, see it all, understand it all. Your podcast, Family Secrets, gives listeners the platform to share their personal stories about secrets they’ve kept and those that have, in turn, been kept from them. Why were you compelled to create this podcast, and how have other people’s stories influenced how you think about your own experiences with your family?

Dani Shapiro: The podcast grew organically out of having written Inheritance. After I finished the final draft of the book, I was on the phone one afternoon with a friend, an early reader – the great Buddhist mindfulness teacher Sylvia Boorstein – and reading Inheritance prompted Sylvia to tell me a riveting story of her own family secret. She’s a great storyteller, and as she was talking, I found myself wishing I was recording her. And then I had the thought: hey, what about a podcast? I had no idea what I was doing, at first. I had a lot of help. But what I quickly learned is that storytelling is storytelling. I absolutely love the form of Family Secrets. I love sitting down with my guests and guiding them through their stories – “holding” their stories is the way I think of it, by writing scripts that allow their stories to be their most coherent and powerful. How does recording a podcast differ from recording an audiobook? Did your experiences with narrating your own memoirs help with the process of creating your podcast?

Dani Shapiro: Recording the podcast is quite different from recording an audiobook, in that it’s a conversation. A highly-produced conversation, but nonetheless, it’s a dialogue. The one similarity is that I’m using my speaking voice – an instrument I had never really paid much attention to before. It turns out I have a good voice for this sort of thing – not something I’d ever considered. Since creating the podcast, have you enjoyed taking a step back from your writing or are you itching to get behind the keyboard again?

Dani Shapiro: Between touring for Inheritance and the podcast, I haven’t had much time for my own writing, and for right now, that’s okay. I’ll know when it no longer feels right. These have been huge changes in my creative life, and as I always tell my students, when you’re a writer, you are your own instrument. We have to be respectful of that instrument, and the way it changes over time. What can we expect from season 3 of Family Secrets?

Dani Shapiro: I’m almost finished recording season 3 which will launch in early February! We have some absolutely amazing guests this coming season. I feel like the stories keep deepening, evolving, and becoming more nuanced. Finding great guests is shockingly easy. ∎

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